Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an Energy Healer located in the city of Longmont, CO - near Boulder, CO. She practices all across the United States and the entire world! She specializes in working with baby boomers and holistic practitioners who are raising their consciousness and interested in how energy works in our being-ness.

Maria grew up in Japan, so she is also delighted to work with the Japanese people, some of whom visited with her when she lived in Sedona, AZ.

She is grateful to now share a combination of energy work with those who visit her in person in Longmont. She can also do this work long distance – remotely – with people who live anywhere around the world. Energy work can work just as well in person, as well as across the miles. In the case of long distance, Maria usually begins the session connecting with you by Skype, phone, or email. She usually uses at least three out of the following four modalities:

Heart Wall Healing: Releasing old emotions that no longer serve you using a magnetic device along the spine – Feels Great, too! You are on a massage table and Maria rolls a magnetic roller device over your spine while releasing negative emotions – such as anger, grief, taken for granted, resentment, etc. that come up for release. With the magnet and intention, the emotions are released!
Running the Bars: Resetting and opening up the brain by removing old thinking & belief patterns that no longer serve, using finger touch on 32 points around the face & head. This method takes from 30 – 50 minutes and is extremely relaxing, helps clear the mind, and may even put you to sleep!
Matrix Energetics: Using quantum physics and the idea that there is more than one reality that is available to us, this unique, playful method helps create “instant transformation” to help you move toward health, wholeness, and living out your hopes and dreams. 
Maria also uses her Divine Healing Hands: A gift and healing energy transmission received from the Divine and the Tao, through Master Zhi Gang Sha in 2011.

Please enjoy browsing this site where Maria shares testimonials and other holistic modalities, too – such as the Young Living essential oils she enjoys using so much and the spiritual readings she shares through the Order of the Magi system. Maria is now also introducing Raindrop Therapy sessions, a la Young Living Essential Oils. Contact Maria directly to find out about her Special Introductory Rate!

Upon request, Maria Dancing Heart also is able to offer Spiritual – Dancing Heart! – Tours around the Red Rocks of Sedona. Contact her with your interest and Maria will help you put together a customized tour of a lifetime in the Red Rock Country.

You are also invited to visit Maria’s other sites at:

www.changewithcourage.com: Books and holistic resources for people moving through transitions of all kinds

www.Examiner.com: Maria’s body/mind/spirit healing articles – where she writes as the Transitions and Grief Examiner for Examiner.com

www.soulbaskets.com: Beautiful, transformational healing bundles that Maria has created out of her interest in “holistic, joyful transitions”

bridgetodreams.blogspot.com: Maria’s spirituality blog – “Finding Peace in a Multi-dimentional World”